Ihyaul Ulum MD.
Assalamu'alaikum War. Wab.

       Welcome to the official website of Accounting Laboratory FEB-UMM.

   As a part of the Accounting Department, Laboratory of Accounting has always tried to support the vision, mission, and
programs that have been set by the department. As a part of the Faculty of Economics, Laboratory of Accounting always try to align their activities in the immediate corridor policy has been formulated by the faculty. As a part of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Laboratory of Accounting relentless endeavor to stay on the forefront of the mission of the university, namely "From Muhammadiyah for the Nation". And, as a part of the academic community, Laboratory of Accounting was never bored to continue to develop and disseminate new studies in accounting and finance.
This website is built with all that passion. other than specifically meant to be a media of communication and friendship between the Laboratory of Accounting with its stakeholders. That is why the website is deliberately prepared by menus that are expected to facilitate the stakeholders (especially students of accounting) to get information about activities in the Laboratory Accounting, both activities that are mandatory (must be taken by students), as well as activities that are voluntary.

Here, students can also access the information about the practicum results that have been taken in the previous semester, and what kind of practicum that should be taken to the next semester. In addition, students can also access the information about various agenda to the activities to be implemented by the Lab. Accounting, so that students will not missed the information.

Various information about the student's added value programs (SADAP) and "KSK" (group of case studies) are also presented here, including the publication of accounting student magazine, EKUITAS. Hopefully with all this, students can increasingly facilitated in obtaining information and services from the Laboratory of Accounting. Because basically all we did was within the framework of services to students.

Thank you.

Wassalamu'alaikum War. Wab

                                                                              Head of Lab. Accounting,

Ihyaul Ulum MD.



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