Accounting Laboratory is one of the most vital organ to support the Accounting department - Faculty of economic and business UMM in effort to graduate the students who have complete skills and competencies, both theory and practical. Laboratory of Accounting was very important role in helping to provide practical knowledge about the accounting process carried out in the company through some of simulation.

In addition, the Accounting Laboratory also serves as a center of accumulation and distribution of information development and the latest review of accounting. In this context, the Accounting Laboratory held a variety of non-academic activities in the some of practicum, KSK (case study group), and SADAP (student's added value programs).
Accounting Laboratory has been established since 1988, and has changed its leadership as much as 9 times. Here there are the names of the Head of the Accounting Laboratory since 1988:

<< Drs. Adi Prasetyo
1988 – 1993
Drs. Suharmadi >>
1993 – 1995
<< Drs. Ahmad Waluyo Jati, MM.
1995 – 2000
Drs. Setu Setyawan, MM. >>
2000 – 2005
<< Djoko Sigit Sayogo, SE., M.Acc.
2005 – 2006
Yuningsih, SE., M.Com. >>
2006 – 2007
<< Susenohaji, SE., M.Si.
2007 – 2008
Dra. Siti Zubaidah, MM., Ak. >>
2008 – 2009
<< Ihyaul Ulum, SE., M.Si.
2009 – 2012